The BIRD BOX Monsters Revealed

Between Netflix‘s reported massive viewership numbers and all of the memes and jokes it has spawned online, most people seemed to have spent their holidays watching Sandra Bullock run around blindfolded in the streaming site’s new super creepy horror movie Bird Box. The story of killer creatures who drive their victims insane has proven to be a hit, even though it made the unique, unexpected decision to never show us the terrifying monsters causing all of the chaos. The original plan though was to show us exactly what they look like, not just shadows. And while they didn’t survive the cutting room floor, we now know how terrible they were. On today’s Nerdist News we’re taking a good long look at what they looked like and why leaving them out was the right call.Host Jessica Chobot unveils the images of Bird Box‘s unseen creatures, after the special effects company SFX Atlas shared their design for them. Not only did they come up with a design, an actor actually filmed scenes in costume. Unfortunately, they didn’t produce the desired response while filming.

Once you hear that monster described as a “long fat baby” it’s over. They seem more adorable than scary.Safe to say it was the right call to prevent us from actually seeing them.What do you think of these creatures? Were they scary enough, or do you think they were funny looking? Should they have included them in the movie either way? Don’t keep us in the dark on your thoughts, share them with us in the comments section below.

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