THE POPE’S EXORCIST Trailer Pits Russell Crowe Against Next-Level Demons

Demonic possessions and exorcisms that test the faith of true believers have long been horror movie staples. But in The Pope’s Exorcist, we’ll see things going to the next level. After all, the Pope would only get involved if true trouble were at hand.

Take a look at The Pope’s Exorcist‘s trailer below and get ready to face the unholy demons that have come to challenge Russell Crowe.

This trailer poses a curious question. If the Pope’s exorcist is the highest rank of exorcist there is, who then will come to exorcise the exorcist if he himself gets possessed? Could it be the Pope himself? Or does he not do that kind of thing? It’s quite the riddle and one we bet you can’t say ten times fast. But it seems like that’s exactly what the demon is after in this movie. We better hope he doesn’t get his way. Although there would be a true irony to it if he did.

The synopsis for The Pope’s Exorcist reveals more about the story behind the chilling adventures we’ll witness. The synopsis notes:

Inspired by the actual files of Father Gabriele Amorth, Chief Exorcist of the Vatican (Academy Award®-winner Russell Crowe), The Pope’s Exorcist follows Amorth as he investigates a young boy’s terrifying possession and ends up uncovering a centuries-old conspiracy the Vatican has desperately tried to keep hidden.

The Pope's Exorcist stars Russell Crowe in a demonic movie
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There is a lot more that needs unpacking here. We’ll get a look at the files of the Vatican, a harrowing possession by a terrifying demon, and, of course, the cherry on top, a centuries-old conspiracy. What could the Pope be hiding? If anyone can find out, it’s his exorcist. And we can’t wait to find out for ourselves when The Pope’s Exorcist releases on April 14.

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