THE PARENT TRAP Cast Reunited for a Virtual Reunion

Quarantine isn’t fun. But at least we have been using all this free time to virtually connect with old friends. And celebrities have been doing the same thing. Social distancing has provided an opportunity to digitally reunite casts and crews from beloved films and shows. The Back to the Future cast held a virtual reunion, as did The Lord of the Rings stars. We at Nerdist even got the whole Hannibal crew together for a massive online sit-downNow, the stars and creators of the beloved 1998 family comedy The Parent Trap starring Lindsay Lohan (twice) virtually reunited to look back at the film. For the first time ever.

And they did it for a very good cause.

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Katie Couric moderated a The Parent Trap reunion on her Instagram page (which we first learned about at Variety). In addition to Lohan (who played both Annie and Hallie), she was joined by director Nancy Meyers, Simon Kunz who played the James family’s butler Martin, Lisa Ann Walter who starred as Hallie’s nanny Chessy, Elaine Hendrix who played the movie’s villain Meredith Blake, Dennis Quaid who starred as Annie and Hallie’s dad Nick, and writer and producer Charles Shyer.

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During the feel-good reunion they discussed the casting process and what it was like working on the film. They also shared their favorite moments and scenes. And they talked about the movie’s lasting legacy. Lohan also explained what it was like playing both young girls, including how “each” was treated differently on set.

Everyone also shared fond memories of the late Natasha Richardson, who sadly passed away in 2009. She starred as Annie and Hallie’s mother Liz.

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In addition to being a great event for fans, this reunion helped raise funds for Chef Jose Andrés World Central Kitchen charity. World Central Kitchen helps feed people in need around the globe. It’s also one of our favorite organizations. You can donate $10 to it by texting PARENT to 80100 or you can contribute by going to

Even Meredith Blake would support that. And if she didn’t, Annie and Hallie would figure out how to make her donate without her realizing it.

Featured Image: Walt Disney

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