THE MATRIX Is Heading to IMAX Theaters for the First Time

We all know that The Matrix is a groundbreaking film and a shift in entertainment pop culture. There’s no need to rehash that nor all the things that make its narrative special (and still very relevant). But what’s really amazing about this film is how incredible it looks over 20 years later. It was quite the spectacle to behold in cinemas then, but can you just imagine what it would look like now with today’s technology. Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore. The Matrix is coming to IMAX for a special two-day screening in anticipation of The Matrix Resurrections’ upcoming release.

According to a press release, The Matrix will hit select theaters across the US on December 7 and 8. Fans can order tickets for The Matrix on IMAX’s website to make sure they get their spot. This marks the first time that this film is available in this format. Now, you’ll get to see Neo fall off that building and the epic bullet-time action in a completely new way.

Keanu Reeves as Neo in The Matrix holds his hand up to stop bullets
Warner Bros

Honestly, it’s been quite the year to revisit ’90s films in theaters again. First, there was a Scream 25th-anniversary screening, and now this?! It’s feeling like the good ole days once again (sort of). We’re just a bit older and a little more ingrained in this real-life Matrix.

It will also be a great way to get hype for The Matrix Resurrections. We still have so many questions and little answers about what to expect with it. But the thought of Neo, Trinity, some version of Morpheus, and this entire universe coming back once again is quite exciting, especially when you take a trip down memory lane. Who knew The Matrix would end up being such an influential franchise? Either way, get hype for The Matrix heading to theaters in IMAX and party like it’s 1999.

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