Din Djarin Is Sans Helmet in New MANDALORIAN Funko Set

Din Djarin’s “way” precludes him from showing his face to any other living creature. That changed during The Mandalorian‘s second season, though. He removed his helmet while masquerading as an Imperial trooper, rather than jeopardize his mission to find Grogu. Then he freely showed his face to the Child before Luke Skywalker took Baby Yoda away. Soon, though, you’ll be able to see old Brown Eyes’ face anytime you want. An uncovered Mandalorian is one of Funko’s new Star Wars Pop bobbleheads coming to stores.

Star Wars first announced the newest bobbleheads from Funko’s line of galaxy far, far away collectibles. This wave includes a Pop that recreates the emotional last scene from the season two finale. The Mandalorian, sans helmet, holds Grogu before Luke Skywalker takes the little green tyke away.

Good luck not getting a little misty every time you look at this figure.

Three Funko The Mandalorian bobblehead Pop figures, Boba Fett, Din Djarin without his helmet and holding Grogu, and Ahsoka Tano with a hood holding two lightsabersFunko

The other new bobbleheads include Boba Fett with armor “bleached and scuffed by the natural conditions on Tatooine.” There are also two versions of Bo-Katan. Both with and without her own signature helmet. (The unmasked Bo is a chase figure.) You can also get one of two Ahsoka Tano bobbleheads. One shows her with a hood pulled over her montrals. The other has her ready to battle with her dual lightsabers. You can also look forward to three new versions of Grogu: one with an octopus dinner stuck to his face, another eating a cookie, and one admiring a butterfly. And if you need a suitable enemy to fight any of them, there’s a new intimidating Dark Trooper bobblehead too.

Funko also released a new animated short to celebrate the announcement. It’s just as cute as Star Wars‘ most famous child.

You can pre-order some of the figures now at Amazon. The hooded Ahsoka is an Amazon exclusive. Butterfly Grogu will only be available at GameStop and EB. And octopus Grogu is a Target-only item. Each ships this fall, October 15.

But feel free to show your own face long before that. That’s way too long to wear a helmet.

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