THE MANDALORIAN’s Boba Fett Fight Even Better in LEGO Form

Boba Fett has been one of the most iconic Star Wars characters for four decades. But at least when it came to his movie appearances, he was iconic for looking really cool, but not really doing anything particularly cool. Almost all of his badass moments came in novels, games, or comics. And that one really cool Fett fight scene you remember? That was actually his father Jango Fett in Attack of the Clones.

But in just a minute and change of screen time, The Mandalorian changed all that. In season two, when Boba returned and handily wailed on a bunch of Stormtroopers, it was the Boba scene we’d waited our whole lives for. And even cooler, prequel actor Temuera Morrison got to play the adult Fett, as fans had long demanded. Now, the wonderful folks at Brick FORCE Studios have recreated that scene in LEGO form. And as their LEGO-ized videos often do, it just made the scene they’ve recreated that much better.

Honestly, just watching this scene again, even in LEGO form, has us so psyched for The Book of Boba Fett. We can only imagine the amount of incredible fight scenes the Brick FORCE Studios folks are going to have to draw from by the time that series is over. We’re sure they are up to the challenge, though. After all, they have been making cool Star Wars-inspired fan films for years. Even Pedro Pascal went wild over their version of The Mandalorian trailer a year and a half ago.

Boba Fett is still badass, even in tiny LEGO form.

Brick FORCE Studios 

It’s not just Star Wars and Boba Fett that Brick FORCE Studios pays homage to with their videos, either. They have a metric ton inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jurassic Park, The Lion King, and a whole lot more. Be sure to head on over to their YouTube channel for more.

Featured Image: Brick FORCE Studios 

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