Pedro Pascal Goes Nuts Over Fan’s THE MANDALORIAN Trailer in LEGO

The Mandalorian has quickly risen near the top of the list of everyone’s favorite Star Wars in just a mere three episodes. While we all suspected that the Disney+ series would be super badass and pay homage to the old westerns’ influence on George Lucas’ cinematic saga, who knew it would be this satisfying? Now YouTuber and Star Wars fan Joebor1777 has made a recreation of The Mandalorian trailer using only LEGO bricks, and it is pretty much spot on perfect. You can check it out the full The Mandalorian LEGO trailer below:

It’s so perfect that the Mando himself, actor Pedro Pascal, retweeted the video in question. While our favorite Mando may be the strong and silent type, the actor who plays him could hardly contain his enthusiasm about seeing himself in LEGO form. In fact, his retweet of the video only said “Oh wow. Wow wow  wow.” And you know what? We concur with that assessment. It’s pretty wow-worthy.

Of course, since this is a LEGO recreation of the initial trailer, it sadly means there is no baby Yoda in it. Because as we know now, the hopelessly cute little green infant was kept out of all the marketing for The Mandalorian to avoid spoilers. Hopefully, we get some baby Yoda love in a future LEGO recreation of some kind. Because if a little Yoda is adorable, imagine a little LEGO Yoda. The cuteness would be too much to bear, and we’d all collapse from an overdose of cute.

The Mandalorian's first episode ended with this look at a baby alien that's the same species as Yoda.


Joebor1777 has actually been making LEGO recreations of fan favorite nerd properties for years. Not only with Star Wars, but also with DC and Marvel universe characters. There are Justice League shorts, as well as shorts from Spider-Man: Far From Home, Iron Fist, and Avengers: Endgame. And they’ve even gone and made a John Wick LEGO short! Now someone needs to make sure that Keanu Reeves manages to see it. We’d like to think he would approve.

But in our opinion, the crown jewels of these videos are the Star Wars ones. Two years ago, Joebor1777 made a rather awesome LEGO version of the final The Last Jedi trailer. And to see all the work that went into making it, they posted a “making of” video that shows just what a labor of love it was to create it.

Of course, before The Madalorian came on to the scene and was instantly everyone’s favorite bounty hunter with a cool helmet, that honor went to Boba Fett. Three years ago, Joebor1777 made a short fan film using LEGO bricks all about Boba on the trail of Luke Skywalker during the time between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. There’s even a scene in this one at the Mos Eisley cantina that pretty accurately predicted the opening scenes of The Mandalorian. 

You can watch the full LEGO Boba Fett: The Hunt for Skywalker video down below. And for more cool LEGO videos, be sure to head to Joebor1777’s YouTube channel.

Featured Image: JoeBor1777

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