New ICE AGE Movie Starring Simon Pegg’s Buck Gets First Trailer

The first Ice Age came to theaters in 2002. And after five feature films and countless shorts, the franchise is still going strong two decades later. The series will mark its 20th year with an all-new Ice Age movie at Disney+. The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild will see everyone’s favorite one-eyed weasel return. He’ll lead a pair of possums through the perilous lost world where dinosaurs roam. And although Ice Age‘s other stars aren’t returning, the film’s first trailer promises all of the humor and adventure that has made the series a success.

As part of this year’s virtual Disney+ Day, the Mouse House shared a trailer for the next Ice Age movie. (Which Disney now owns the rights to after purchasing Blue Sky Studios.) John C. Donkin leads the film in his directorial debut. It will see Buck (voiced by Simon Pegg) take a leading role. He’ll be working with two brothers looking for adventure. Unfortunately for those possums, they’ll find themselves facing danger they aren’t ready for. Here’s the film’s official synopsis.

The fearless one-eyed weasel Buck teams up mischievous possum brothers Crash & Eddie as they head off on a new adventure into Buck’s home: The Dinosaur World.
Buck the one-eyed weasel voiced by Simon Pegg gives a salute in Disney+'s The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, a new Ice Age movie

Fans of the franchise will be happy to see it still going strong at its new home. But it’s hard not to be disappointed Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, and Denis Leary’s time with Ice Age has seemingly come to an end. But if it’s going to continue on without them, centering a new Ice Age movie on Pegg’s Buck is a good consolation prize. More Buck is a good thing. So is more Simon Pegg.

Written by Fairly Oddparents alums Ray DeLaurentis and William Schifrin, The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild will begin streaming on Disney+ early next year, January 28. Good luck explaining that to someone in the year 2002, though.

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