Disney+ Rescues THE GOONIES Reenactment TV Series

We’re currently wading through an endlessly-flowing river of revivals, reboots, and franchise continuations. From classic stories revisited by each generation to newer properties from the ’80s, ’90s, and most bafflingly, the 2000s. The Goonies, the beloved coming of age adventure story, is just the latest. But The Goonies TV series comes with a twist. One that charms us enough to want to know a whole lot more.

Disney is working on a TV series that follows a trio of students and their substitute teacher on their quest to reenact The Goonies. The show will air on Disney+. Like, shot for shot. Called Our Time, which we first saw at  Collider, the series was initially developed at Fox. However, according to Warner Bros. TV exec Clancy Collins White, the finished pilot—which filmed after a long COVID delay—skewed just a little too young for the network.

The Goonies hold their treasure map.
Warner Bros.

But, alas, Goonies never say die. And neither did Warner Bros. and series creator Sarah Watson. Collins White’s statement indicates that while it wasn’t the right fit for Fox, the production team felt pretty confident in its product and sought out a new home. And by the sounds of it, Disney+ makes for the perfect new home. According to Variety, which broke the news, Watson and the team plan to redevelop the series for its new home. So it’s unclear how much of the initial premise will remain. Likewise, on whether any of the pilot’s cast will return. Plus, knowing Disney, we know they’d love to see a cameo from one of the original stars. Surely they’re already calling Sean Astin.

While it’s always murky seeing beloved titles redone, this project does have some comforting support from the people behind The Goonies. Namely, Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment and The Donner Company, which produced the original film, have been on board since the show’s inception. The late Richard Donner, who directed the 1985 film and passed recently, will still have the title of executive producer on the Disney+ series. Lauren Shuler Donner will also executive produce. Additionally, Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey from Amblin TV, The Jackal Group’s Gail Berman and Hend Baghdady, and Watson are producing. We can’t wait to learn more.

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