THE DARK CRYSTAL: AGE OF RESISTANCE Featurette Tackles Returning to Thra

When Netflix returns to Thra in their prequel series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, it won’t merely be returning to a fictional world of Gelflings and Skeksis puppets. It will be returning to a place that generations of fans have come to know and love on a personal level, a special world full of wonder that means so much to so many. And it will be doing it during a time period far more magical and beautiful than has ever been seen before. Making Thra live up to the film, its reputation, and its past is a huge responsibility for the cast and crew, but as a new featurette for the series shows, it’s one that is just as important to them as it is to viewers.

In this latest look at the upcoming series, the cast—including Simon Pegg who will voice the Chamberlain, Natalie Dormer (Onica), Taron Egerton (Rian), and Jason Isaacs (The Emperor)—talks about what it means to bring the gorgeous world of Thra to life and what it was like for them as fans of the original movie to work on it. The featurette also includes commentary from the crew, including CEO of the Jim Henson Company, Lisa Henson. Almost 40 years after her dad introduced the world to Thra she’s helping to expand it in ways we don’t even think we could have dreamed of.

Seriously, this looks like one of the most beautiful television shows produced in a very long time. The series’ commitment to using practical effects wherever possible not only makes this feel true to the spirit of the original, it looks like the Thra we know, just in an all new (old) way before the Darkening.

All episodes of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance premieres on Netflix later this month, August 30.

Featured Image: Netflix

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