The Best Internet Reactions to AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Trailer

It’s been almost ten years since the MCU exploded onto the blockbuster scene with Iron Man. Since then it’s become one of the biggest franchises of all time, and the previous 18 movies have all been leading up to this. Yes, Thanos has his gauntlet and he’s ready to collect those Infinity Gem Stones. In just six weeks, we’ll all be witnessing the battle to end all battles. Today, Marvel dropped another trailer for the long awaited Avengers: Infinity War, and right on time the internet went wild! There were all kinds of scolding hot takes, hilarious memes, and rambunctious rumblings online, so of course we’ve collected them all here for you just like the proverbial Thanos collecting his shiny, shiny stones…


Avengers: Infinity War’s dream daddy Thanos is at it again in this trailer, looking chunky and causing chaos for the ever-loving Avengers. Of course, the internet was 100% here for it.

Fans were enjoying the Mad Titan’s confused AF face as he stared down Steve Rogers.

A lot of people were taking Thanos’ threats very, very personally.

Josh Brolin had foreseen this reaction on Instagram with this post from four days ago!

A lot of fans were revisiting the source material in fear…

And some were just making perfect memes.

Cap’s Gunna Die

People are still very, very worried about the fate of Steve Rogers.


Some people are desperately sad about the potential loss of the first Avenger.

In fact, a lot of people.

Some people like Marvel writer @Doncates are masking it with humor.

Whilst others like @jbouie are just stating the facts.

Where’s Hawkeye?

This trailer once again saw us without hide nor hair of Marvel’s own Green Arrow. Hawkeye hasn’t been seen in any trailers, posters, or promotional materials, which has fans wondering…

Doesn’t seem like too many people are upset, but they’ve got a lot of jokes…

Some people were thinking about Hawkeye’s family life.

Whilst some were imagining what he’s up to during the big battle.

And others seem like they actually want to know where he is.

What’s Wakanda Been Up To?

Meanwhile, @Jumpedforjoi was thinking about the important questions…

What was your favorite part of the new trailer? Who are you worried about saying goodbye to? Who are you excited to see die?? Let us know below!

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