THE BATMAN Fan Edit Adds Jim Carrey’s Campy Riddler to Trailer

The trailer and some released images for The Batman have got some fans bewildered. Specifically, because it seems Paul Dano’s version of the Riddler has more in common with the real-life Zodiac killer than the guy in the green suit from the comics. And it has some fans really longing for the days of the goofy version of Edward Nygma, played by Jim Carrey in Batman Forever.

So naturally, someone out there used their editing skills to make a few changes to The Batman trailer. They replaced Dano’s version with some 1995 vintage Jim Carrey Riddler. Bright green jumpsuit and all. The video comes from comedian and filmmaker Matt Highton (via Geeks Are Sexy). And you can watch the whole thing right here. We think Joel Schumacher would be proud.

Regardless of how one feels about the pros and cons of NuRiddler, this trailer edit is still pretty funny. We know there are those who miss classic Riddler. But in fairness to Matt Reeves, in a post-Dark Knight world, it would be hard to go back to the campy, Day-Glo version now. We’re not sure modern audiences would buy it. Unless we’re talking about something that’s completely farcical like The LEGO Batman Movie. Or maybe the animated The Brave and the Bold series.

Jim Carrey as The Riddler in Batman Forever
Warner Bros.

And if you liked that trailer edit, Matt Highton has some other equally hilarious videos you definitely want to check out. He’s got Sesame Street’s Ernie singing “Rubber Duckie” to Neo from The Matrix: Resurrections in the bathtub. And the entire Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles intro recreated using only stock footage. Our favorite though is R2-D2 projecting an ABBA hologram to Luke Skywalker. That one has some real Star Wars Holiday Special energy. To see more, be sure to head on over to Matt Highton’s YouTube channel.

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