Did Mountain Dew Reveal The Riddler’s Costume in THE BATMAN?

What does a highly anticipated superhero movie have in common with a popular soft drink?

Oh, sorry, that wasn’t a riddle. Those are really hard to write! The answer to this otherwise strange query is actually pretty straightforward. Maybe. A supposed leaked new flavor of Mountain Dew has potentially given us our first real look at Paul Dano‘s Riddler from The Batman. And while a soda seems an unlikely source of such information, past precedent gives us reason to believe it’s real.

The internet is aflutter over a potential glimpse at The Riddler’s costume from Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman. Leaked images (which we first heard about at Best Products) began appearing on the internet last year. They show “Riddler’s Brew,” a special release with a purple soda and a green cap. While the actual flavor does not appear on the bottle, fans of Bruce Wayne will be more interested in the accompanying photo.

It shows a hooded figure wearing a purple mask with extravagant green goggles, with an accompanying green question mark. Is this Paul Dano’s Edward Nashton (née Nygma), a.k.a. The Riddler, in his full costume? If so, it’s very different from the “homemade tape job” and oversized eyeglasses we saw in the movie’s first teaser.

A man with a covered face unspools duct tape in The Batman.Warner Bros.

This overly costumed look doesn’t seem to fit in with the realistic gritty vibe of The Batman‘s only teaser. And the general poor quality and anonymous sources of these photos could mean they are merely some fans having some fun.

However, we’ve only seen footage from the first half of the film. The Batman is a “Year Two” story; it could see Batman’s villains embracing the theatrics—grand costumes and all—of the new Gotham Bruce Wayne helps create. And this hooded look would still be plenty ominous. But the bigger clue that Riddler’s Brew is legitimate is that Mountain Dew released a promotional flavor for The Dark Knight Rises back in 2012.

We reached out to Mountain Dew for comment but have not heard back as of this publishing. But it’s only fitting that a first look at the Riddler would be so mysterious. What does a highly anticipated superhero movie have in common with a popular soft drink? They’ve both given us tasty teasers.

Featured Image: Mountain Dew/Warner Bros.

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