The Ancient Evil Cthulhu Gets a Very Creepy Chia Pet

We’ve seen some pretty wild horror and horror adjacent Chia Pets in our day. There’s been Pennywise, Michael Myers, Chucky, you name it. There’s even a Chia Zombie. But now, horror Chia Pets are going back in time for their latest offering. Back millions of years, in fact. To an ancient era, when malicious Elder Gods ruled the Earth. Now available is the Chia Pets version of “the Great Old One,” the Lovecraftian cosmic entity known as Cthulhu. Now you can literally grow your favorite eldritch terror in your own home.

Joseph Enterprises, Inc., the makers of the Chia Pet, is expanding its horror collection with a brand new addition to its horror holiday lineup. They say no human can gaze at Cthulhu without completely going mad. Its tentacled face and evil gaze have become the stuff of legend, ever since the character first appeared back in 1928. The only form suitable to avoid insanity is by planting and growing your very own Cthulhu Chia Pet. If a novelty ceramic head with vegetation growing out of it doesn’t give proper tribute to an ancient and angry Elder God, we’re not sure what would.

Chia Pet Cthulhu packaging
Joseph Enterprises Inc

The handmade pottery planter comes with one packet of Chia seeds good for three plantings, along with a convenient plastic drip tray and planting and care instructions. After planting the seeds, in just 1-2 weeks your Cthulhu Chia Pet will achieve maximum growth.

Big enough to take over your puny mortal existence. Chia Planters can be washed and replanted indefinitely. Much like the ancient cosmic being it honors, it is not an easy entity to destroy and might be immortal (but probably not). Whether you want to construct an altar for Cthulhu Chia Pet is entirely up to you of course. You can order your very own Cthulhu Chia Pet now via Amazon for $22.99.

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