RICK AND MORTY, GOLDEN GIRLS, PREDATOR and More Will Be Chia Pets (First Look)

When NECA Toys, known for action figures based on horror and sci-fi movies, purchased Chia Pets outright last year, it seemed inevitable that they’d find a way to bring their pop-cultural tasets to a company mainly known for cute animals and the occasional president with leafy sprouts in place of hair. Well, the time has come, and NECA are not starting small on this. But they are definitely branching out. Some characters, like the Golden Girls, fit the existing aesthetic with traditional Chia hair. (Note: some images are mock-ups and not the final retail product.)

Others look like they’ve gotten an involuntary makeover. Predator, for example, who finds the jungle coming alive in displeasing ways.

But then there are more creative applications. Dustin from Stranger Things, for example, keeps it under his hat.

And Slimer from Ghostbusters, well…he’s looking to Chia to make himself feel less naked.

Don’t rub Gizmo in seeds after midnight, or this happens:

And then there’s Groot. He can grow leaves pretty much anywhere you want.

The sky’s the limit after this: other licenses NECA holds in other areas include Robocop, Terminator, The Evil Dead, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And if Rick and Morty sell well (like that’s in any doubt), a Pickle Rick covered in greenery sounds about right.

Plus, along with buying Chia Pet last year, NECA bought the Clapper. Let your mind wander at the places that can go.

Check out some preliminary looks at the packaging and more early prototype images below. Then let us know who you’d like to see go full Chia in comments!

Images: NECA

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