Sneakers Made from Apples Are Sustainable and Stylish

One of the best things we can do to help our environment and fight climate change is to find ways to dramatically reduce our waste in any way possible. We can’t only rely on obvious approaches like reducing our use of plastic bags. We need to find ways to make needed items from sustainable sources that are eco-friendly. And that’s what one shoe company is trying to do by turning to an unlikely source. They’re using apples to make sneakers.

And they look great.

Ireland’s new sustainable footwear startup Sampla (which means “example” in Irish) has launched a KickStarter (which we first heard about at Boing Boing) for their sneakers made with apples. The unisex footwear consists of “premium animal-friendly materials.” That includes a vegan material called AppleSkin, used for the top part of their unisex tennis shoes.

AppleSkin comes from repurposed apple waste from Northern Italy’s juice industry. AppleSkin might not be a great name, but it does sound like a great product:

“The apple core, pips and skins are dried and milled to a fine apple powder. Then it’s applied to a tear-resistant woven roll with cotton fabric. These rolls are heated and given an added protective layer to produce a weather-resistant durable fabric. Organic pigments are added to the brown fabric, producing colours of choice. We are left with a material that is breathable, durable, and of course, 100% vegan.”

Sneakers Made From Apples Will Turn Seeds into Speed_1Sampla

The sneaker’s others components are also organic and recycled materials. They have responsibly sourced natural rubber and organic cotton laces.

The campaign has already reached its backing goal, and you can nab a pair for around $100. The ethically-made tennis shoes, which feature a classic, clean design, are available in White/Red, White/Green, White/Beige, White/Pink, and White/Blue.

Sneakers Made From Apples Will Turn Seeds into Speed_2Sampla

They also ship in plastic-free boxes made with recycled and recyclable cardboard. And for every pair they sell they are planting an indigenous tree in Ireland.

Maybe someday those trees will do more than give us fresh oxygen or apples. Maybe they’ll produce a new line of sneakers themselves.

Featured Image: Sampla

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