Apple Pie Kit Kats Coming to U.S. Stores This Summer

Kit Kats are a perfect candy. The easily shareable chocolate covered wafers are fantastic, whether you eat them at a normal temperature or frozen. And they also don’t get enough credit for how versatile they are, at least not in America. Japan long ago figured out you can make them in roughly 40 gazillion flavor combinations. But that could soon change here in the States thanks to Hershey’s newest variation. It’s as American as apple pie. Literally. They are releasing a limited-edition Apple Pie Kit Kat that will be available just in time for the Fourth of July.

Apple Pie Kit Kats_1Hershey’s

Apple Pie Kit Kats (which we first heard about at Candy Hunting on Instagram) will offer the traditional wafer cookie candy surrounded by an apple pie-flavored white creme. They don’t exactly scream granny’s apple pie in looks, but they will hopefully taste like it. And an early review from Junk Food Leaks last year says they are definitely worth stealing off a windowsill. Here’s what they said about them:

“They’re not as artificial as many apple pie products out there. It has a great crunch in the center, which many do not. And of course, it does embody some actual authentic apple flavor! I do think that while tough, stuffing a bit of dried apple in these things would be the one thing that would make them truly amazing.”
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Must. Have.

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long to get our hands on them. They are set to hit stores everywhere this July. That should be a pretty taste way to celebrate America’s independence. But don’t wait to grab some. These are a limited-edition release and it’s unclear how long they will be available.

Of course Japan already has their own Apple Pie Kit Kat. They know Kit Kats are both perfect and perfect to experiment with.

Featured Image: Hershey’s

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