Nearly 25 years ago, Warner Bros. Animation hit us with some incredible and enduring content. Superman: The Animated Series hit the airwaves in September 1996 and became a fave among ‘90s kids like myself. It became a gateway for many kids to fall for this iconic hero and dig curiously into his comic background. To honor this milestone anniversary, the company is partnering with DC for a Blu-ray box set of the entire series. That’s right, you can watch all 54 episodes (!!!) of Clark Kent’s journey, along with some other goodies, with this 6-disc collector’s edition.

The episodes are all remastered with color correction, a “grain reduction pass,” and crisper audio. This means you can still get all those nostalgic feels minus the quality of 1996 television. And that’s a great thing because older shows can look terrible on our fancy new TVs. The set also includes Superman: Timeless Icon, a featurette about the series.

The cover art for Superman: The Animated Series Blu-ray with Superman flying through the sky over a red background

Warner Bros./DC

According to a press release from Warner Bros., it “reveals the complicated journey of Superman: The Animated Series and those who created the new mythology for the Man of Steel, as told by producers Bruce Timm and Paul Dini, director Dan Riba, writer Bob Goodman, casting/dialogue director Andrea Romano, and Tim Daly and Clancy Brown, the heralded voices of Superman and Lex Luthor, respectively.”

There is also audio commentary for some episodes, including “Stolen Memories” and “The Last Son of Krypton Part 1.” Additionally, Bruce Timm, Dan Riba, and Paul Dini do a fun video commentary for the “Mxyzpixilated” episode.

This Blu-ray will be available on October 12 and set you back $70. Sure, it’s a bit pricey, but there are 21 hours of content. And, for the Superman collectors among us, it would be a cool addition to any collection. So make plans to fly (in your car…not the sky, obvs, unless…) to your nearest retailer and grab a copy of DC history.

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