SUPER MARIO PARTY JAMBOREE Announcement Trailer Takes You to a Mall

Get your friends together and compete in 110 new mini games in Nintendo’s Super Mario Party Jamboree. The below announcement trailer was just one of the new games offered as part of Nintendo Direct for June 2024. The game also boasts seven new game boards, including the Rainbow Galleria, which is literally a mall. You can go to a mall within a Mario game. What a world.

The latest in the super popular party game series, Super Mario Party Jamboree will take players to a massive resort setting, which will include five brand new game boards and two fan-favorites returning. The new Koopathlon mode will also allow up to 20 players to go head-to-head online. That is a lot of players, I think you’ll agree.

Super Mario Party Jamboree launches on the Nintendo Switch October 17.

A gang of recognizable Mario characters march in a parade and whistle in Super Mario Party Jamboree.

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