Subway Serves Up a Giant Floating Submarine Sandwich

A submarine, also known as a hoagie, hero, or grinder, is a perfect food. It’s a mini loaf of bread you can fill with a seemingly endless number of options to satiate your own tastes. Whether you desire Italian cold cuts or a mini Thanksgiving feast, it can deliver what you desire. In an easy to hold meal you can consume by yourself, or share/split (so you can try two different ones). Like I said, perfect. The only way to improve a sub is to make it bigger. Which is exactly what Subway in New Zealand and Australia has done. Only, you can’t eat this one. The chain has served up a giant replica sandwich that can take you for a spin on the water.

A new ad campaign from Subway down under (that we first heard about at DesignTAXI) is hitting the airwaves. Actually, it’s hitting the waterways. Subway constructed a floating sandwich that measures almost 30 feet in length. It’s big enough that it comfortably holds eight adults on top. Which is what it did in a new ad that shows a memorable ride down Queenstown, New Zealand’s Lake Wakatipu.

The sandwich, which looks like a fully-decked out chicken teriyaki sub, is part of the company’s new “Feel Good” slogan. Being pulled along any body of water, especially one in such a beautiful setting, would definitely make us feel good. But the buoyant menu item is also designed to remind customers to “eat fresh.” And while nothing says “fresh” like a joyful water ride on a nice day, a mammoth replica sub doesn’t exactly capture that fresh spirit.

Eight people ride atop a giant replica subway sandwich on a lake surrounded by mountains.Subway New Zealand

What it does capture though is how perfect a food a sub really is. Not every flawless dining option would translate this well into a floatation device. Riding a model plate of chicken parmesan wouldn’t be as much fun. But no one would turn down a ride on a replica chicken parm sub.

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