SquarEat Packages Healthy Foods Into Jiggly Tasty Cubes

In case you haven’t noticed, food is constantly going through strange evolutions. There are odd combinations that don’t belong together like macaroni and cheese ice cream. People want one food to be shaped like another food. Or they want it to be massive and covered in gross sauces. (I have a personal vendetta against ridiculously massive food.) But now people are taking it even further by adding a dystopic vibe to food offerings. Like the neatly packaged and compressed foods you see in apocalyptic sci-fi flicks. That’s what SquarEat, a Miami company that makes an array of foods in, you guessed it, squares. (We learned about this via The Verge.)

SquarEat says it is taking food to a new level by combining ingredients into 50-gram packages. The jiggly squares are apparently “ready-to-eat” and come right to your front door in packs of four or six. Their plans work like any typical delivery service with individual meals and bigger boxes. A typical box lunch comes with a variety of squares and only sets you back around $6.50 for a small plate. That’s not bad at all.

a photo of a cubed piece of chicken from SquarEats


You can scarf them down cold, nuke them, or, if you’re feeling fancy, fry them and eat up. SquarEat offers a ton of flavors, including chicken, beef, sweet potato, hazelnut, zucchini, and salmon among others. You would think that these squares would have a ton of preservatives and ingredients that you cannot pronounce. But the list is clear and simple. For example, the salmon squares have an ingredient list of parsley, salt, black pepper, lemon, and salmon. So SquarEat’s offerings are actually healthy. We wonder just how many you have to eat to feel satisfied. Hmm.

As weird as this may seem, it could possibly come in handy one day. If you are prepping for the inevitable doomsday coming our way, then these are perfect for your stock. We gotta be ready for the zombie apocalypse, right?

Classic Meal Box SquarEat shows a group of square food


This is a joke, of course. These squares only last for a couple of weeks because there aren’t any additives. But seriously, this could be a good option for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to cook and wants something quick and nutritious. Maybe, just maybe, square food isn’t that weird after all.

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