Studio Ghibli Meets DUNGEONS & DRAGONS in This Adventure Anthology

When magical multiverses collide, adventures await. Eyes Unclouded is a new unofficial Dungeons & Dragons adventure anthology that takes inspiration from the enchanting films of Studio Ghibli. The anthology features stories, items, and even real-life recipes for Dungeon Masters to incorporate. Eleven enchanting adventures inspired by now-classic Japanese animated films will transform your next one-shot or D&D campaign into worlds your players may never want to leave.

Eyes Unclouded Anthology

Eyes Unclouded / Art by Megan McCurdy

For most fans of Hayao Miyazaki, all we have to tell you is that you can work for a witchy delivery service and you’ll be adding the book to your cart faster than you can say “Jiji.” The adventure inspired by Kiki’s Delivery Service, “Delivery Witches Apply Within” by Brittney Hay, could inspire an entire campaign by itself. Rival bakeries, a charming town, magical sugar cubes… Who wants to be in our group?

Some of these Ghibli-esque adventures are light on combat, like the delivery service. But other adventures for higher tier characters ramp up both the action and the game mechanics. Maybe you’ll choose a side in a Ponyo-inspired large scale battle. Perhaps you’ll pilot a metal warframe through the Eberron desert in a story that brings in elements of Howl’s Moving Castle. Or you could make a difficult choice in a thick forest grove reminiscent of Princess Mononoke.

Eyes Unclouded Dungeons & Dragons adventure anthology cover

Eyes Unclouded / Art by the_lady_auri

All this adventure and gorgeous art inspired by your favorite Ghibli films? You’ll find yourself flipping through the pages just to capture that same otherworldly yet familiar feeling you get when you watch My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away. You’ll find soot sprites, regal cats, cities stretching into the sky, and so much more.

Find the Eyes Unclouded digital adventure anthology now on the Dungeon Masters Guild for $19.95, and add even more magic to your next Dungeons & Dragons game.

Featured Image: Eyes Unclouded

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