This Is What Food from Studio Ghibli Films Looks Like IRL

Hayao Miyazaki‘s films are rich in every regard. They’re known for their exquisite detail, down to the food. Miyazaki understands the power of food. It’s tied to emotions such as comfort and feeling safe and at home. Meals figure into many of his films—from artful to plain but obviously filling. And Instagrammer EN 93 has focused on replicating what she sees on the screen in real life. Her recreations inspired by the many feasts and baked goods in Studio Ghibli movies, which came our way via Bored Panda. Her work is thoughtful and oh so pretty.

My Neighbor Totoro bento box

Studio Ghibli

Look at her takes on the herring and pumpkin pot pie and cake from Kiki’s Delivery Service.

And slightly less appetizing (maybe?) but still neat, onion and cheese sandwiches from Tales from Earthsea.

Something I admire about these images is that besides being spot-on representations of the food in Ghibli movies, EN 93 stages the photos to match the setting in the films. She replicates any containers or dishes in the films as best as she can. See how the cheese and bread plate in the below meal from Howl’s Moving Castle has the blue embellishments like the one on screen? Even the mug ties in. I appreciate that kind of dedication.

She’s made a couple takes on the bento box from My Neighbor Totoro. There’s this one from a few years ago.

And this recent re-creation:

See a few more examples of EN 93’s work by scrolling below. But be sure follow her on Instagram to keep up with all her Ghibli inspired meals and beautifully decorated cookies. And yes, it’s likely that doing so will make you hungry and/or feel like having a Miyazaki movie marathon. In fact, maybe you’ll inspired by these creations to come up with your own menu for that marathon.

Featured Image: Studio Ghibli

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