The New HALLOWEEN Gets a ’70s-Style Retro Trailer

A lot has changed about the movie industry in the 40 years since we first met Michael Myers. Theater seats are more comfortable, you can buy tickets on your smartphones, and trailers have gotten much better. Most of them at least, because sometimes there’s beauty in a classic. And also a whole lot of terror. No matter the decade, Michael Myers will always scare us. And the iconic villain ready to return home once more, Nerdist Presents a re-cut trailer for the new  Halloween done in the style of the original 1978 film.[brightcove video_id=”5846612155001″ brightcove_account_id=”3653334524001″ brightcove_player_id=”rJs2ZD8x”]From the team that brought you Pacific Rim Uprisings 1975 Japanese-style trailer and showed you what Thor: Ragnarok would have looked like in the ’80s, our latest Remix brings the modern day Michael Myers back to his killer 1978 roots, in a terrifying retro teaser that has all of the wonderful creepiness and grit of classic slasher films.Uh, hell yeah! That scared us even more than the movie’s great real trailers have, and way more than the original trailer ever did. The word “Halloween” has never made us feel worse. Even after four decades of movie advancements there’s nothing quite as horrifying as a narrator telling you about the unstoppable sociopath coming for you.What other modern day horror film would you love to see get a recut, ’70s-style trailer? Don’t be afraid to tell us in the comments section below which gory movie you want us to remix next, and look out for the new Halloween when it hits theaters on October 19.

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