STRANGER THINGS Re-Imagined as an Amazing ’80s Anime

Stranger Things 3 might have been “the most ’80s” season of the show yet. Between Russian paranoia, kids hanging out at the mall all day, a plethora of movie references, and people pretending to like New Coke, it was overflowing with tributes to the decade. However, the series itself has also proven to be an inspiration to others, who have created their own works of art based on the tales of terror and friendship on the show. And the latest might be the best yet. It not only honors Stranger Things, it also honors the era the show is obsessed with: the ’80s! Here is what the Upside Down and Hawkins, Indiana would look like in an ’80s-style anime.

This video comes from the animation studio Humouring the Fates, via the animation network Octopie. It features a montage of some of the best moments from Stranger Things first two seasons, including Eleven continuing to be the hero we both need and deserve. This gorgeous trailer looks like Netflix’s live-action series was based on it. Everything about kids with mystical powers and fighting the Demogorgons feels like it probably was an anime show first.

How do we know Steve has great hair? His flow looks that good both in real life and as a cartoon.

We also, 100% without question, would watch this version of the show. They don’t even have to write new scripts to keep it fresh. Just re-do Stranger Things as an anime and let us enjoy the story both ways. If that isn’t an option, we are also totally fine with getting a spin-off series about events that are happening at the same time, or possibly even before, like with the Stranger Things comic books.

And a 80s style anime version of Stranger Things might be the only way to “out ’80s” the third season.

Featured Image: Humouring the Fates/Octopie

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