STRANGER THINGS Prequel Comic Trailer Introduces Another Hawkins Lab Test Subject

We know Eleven wasn’t the only powerful child who was exploited while under the “care” of Hawkins Laboratory. We got to meet one of her “sisters”—Eight—in season two, in an episode that further hinted at the awful things done by Matthew Modine’s Dr. Martin Brenner, whose quest for power turned the Upside Down loose on the world. Now we’re about to learn a lot more about what really went on in that lab, thanks to a new Stranger Things prequel comic that will follow another young girl with amazing abilities. And the trailer for the series reveals there are many more secrets to uncover before season three.

The Hollywood Reporter debuted the trailer for Dark Horse Comics’ new Stranger Things: Six mini-series, a story set before the show’s first season. The comic will follow Francine, a young psychic who was also taken in by Dr. Brenner. Francine can see the future, but what does that mean for herself and for the terrors that will soon stalk the people of Hawkins, Indiana?

This comic could raise just as many questions as it answers. Did Francine understand what was about to happen in Hawkins? Did she survive long enough to do anything about it, or did she escape? Where is she now? Will we see her on the show eventually?

Written by Jody Houser, who also penned Dark Horse’s Stranger Things comic book series about Will’s time in the Upside Down, with with art from Edgar Salazar, the first of the four-issue Stranger Things: Six series hits comic book stores and digital on May 29. You can also grab a limited edition bundle with exclusive artwork featuring a variant Eleven cover by Jenny Frison (Wonder Woman, Revival), but there are only 250 of those available so don’t wait if you want to order one.

You don’t have to be a psychic to know those won’t last long.

Featured Image: Netflix

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