Sting, The Roots, and Jimmy Fallon Remix “Don’t Stand So Close to Me”

Jimmy Fallon, Sting, and The Roots are here to help you ease into a peaceful weekend of practicing social distancing. What a combo. They all perform in Fallon’s newest segment of ‘At Home Instruments’. In this latest installment, Sting himself joins Fallon and The Roots for a very timely performance of The Police’s 1980 classic hit, “Don’t Stand So Close to Me.” And there’s a twist. Watch and listen:

Jimmy and The Roots put together a new version of the famous song to fit these wild times. They performed “Don’t Stand So Close to Me (Quarantine Remix)” on Fallon’s latest episode of The Tonight Show’s “At Home” edition. Sting, of course, was on the guitar while members of The Roots used various household items to round out the percussion sounds. They creatively used everything from scissors, to pillows, to pots and pans, to a Connect 4 game. They combined those sounds with actual instruments like a tuba and a melodica. The members of the band recorded their sections separately. Then they edited the footage together to get the final song with Sting on vocals. Because of course.

While COVID-19 has halted television and film productions, it hasn’t stopped late night hosts from finding creative ways to connect with audiences. His “At Home” edition of the show has still allowed him to do many of his same segments, like his very popular Classroom Instruments.”  He’s converted it to an “At Home Instruments” segment instead. 

Fallon approached Sting and asked permission to do the song on his Thursday episode. Sting not only said yes, but said, I’ll do it with you guys.” After the song, Fallon ended the clip with a link to a charity that is close to Sting, Frontline Foods They help aid healthcare workers by providing meals to them. 

Featured Image: NBC

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