STAR WARS’ Complete Timeline Laid Out in New Video

Raise your lightsabers and throw back a glass of cool, blue milk. It’s time to honor the traditions of Star Wars Day once more. And what better way to celebrate than taking a deep dive in the complete canonical history of the galaxy far, far away? Thanks to the folks at the Star Wars Explained channel, (via Laughing Squid), you can do exactly that. They’ve updated their Complete Canon Timeline for the Star Wars saga for 2021, just in time for May the 4th.

And when we say complete, we mean complete. The video starts a whopping 10,000 years before The Battle of Yavin—likely better known to you as “A New Hope.” (Or to your dad as “Star Wars.“) From the dawn of the Jedi Order to Starkiller Base, they cover it all. It addresses not only the live-action films and series, but all canon comics, novels, video games, and of course, the animated shows. (And don’t skip ahead just to see Baby Yoda. That’s considered cheating). You can watch the comprehensive hour-long video right here:

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