The Millennium Falcon Flees Mos Eisley in Giant LEGO Build

We’ve seen some truly incredible LEGO builds over the years, including a full-sized car that can actually be driven. We’ve also been awed by how often the galaxy far, far away has inspired some truly amazing sets, like this Death Star Trench Run piece that moves. But now we might have found one to top them all! Not only is it a technical marvel that looks gorgeous, it recreates an scene from A New Hope. Even though that scene involves a spaceship in flight. And Mos Eisley has never looked better than it does in this fantastic, totally original Star Wars LEGO set that features the Millennium Falcon fleeing the Empire.

Beyond the Bricks shared this sprawling, sensational original build by Jason V Joiner that recently made its public debut. This would be unbelievable if it were merely a recreation of that infamous desert town of Mos Eisley, or even just the Millennium Falcon taking off with a hyperdive trail, but obviously by putting the two together this is so much more than the sum of its parts. It also captures an important moment in the Star Wars story; this is right after Han Solo fled with Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, stormtroopers hot on their heels.

Despite being a static build, the glowing blue trail from the Falcon and its position high above the set gives the whole piece the feeling of being in motion. To achieve that effect (and to make sure the Falcon doesn’t come crashing down on the whole thing), Joiner used a “cantilevered aluminium bar to support the ship, which weighs 25kg (55 pounds) with the hyperdrive attached.”

Most impressive.

If you want to see this piece in person (and who wouldn’t?), its next public appearance will be at the London Brick Festival this September. Just don’t tell that to the Empire.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm

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