This LEGO Trench Run Is Just as Captivating as the Classic STAR WARS Scene

Jason Allemann is a LEGO artist who uses simple machines and a clear talent for building to recreate the feeling of flight. He is currently gathering support for a LEGO Ideas project called “Pursuit of Flight,” and he used the same technique to flawlessly capture in brick form what’s destined to become a classic scene in cinema: the Death Star Trench Run in Star Wars.

It’s almost impossible for me to watch the two ships in motion and not get the music from Star Wars: A New Hope playing in my head. The small kinetic sculpture effortlessly brings to mind Luke Skywalker’s X-wing dancing back and forth across across Darth Vader’s tactical display.

The additional details of the two rotating turbolasers and the visible working parts adds incredible authenticity to the Death Star feel of the small sculpture. He purposely left the inner components visible, Jason explains in the video, to mimic the machinery of the fully armed and operational battle station.

Jason not only shows off the mesmerizing sculpture, which uses a small crank to put it into action (or a small motor, as shown in the video), but also talks a bit about how it’s done with simple pistons, lift arms, and axles. He makes it sound straightforward, but the ingenuity and creativity needed to depict this unforgettable scene so perfectly is impressive. Most impressive.

If you’re a fan of this build, support Jason’s LEGO Ideas project to help bring it to life, and one day you might be able to build a mini Death Star trench run of your very own.

What other ships would work well with this model design? Tell us your ideas in the comments.

Images: Lucasfilm, Jason Alleman

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