The Latest STAR WARS: Galaxy’s Edge Video Looks (and Sounds) Epic

We got our latest look at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Disney’s upcoming theme park, at this year’s Star Wars Celebration, and it’s the best look yet at the park’s massive scale. But just as exciting is how it will sound.

Josh Gad hosted the Galaxy’s Edge panel at this year’s Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, and Disney’s team of imagineers joined him. While we’re excited to hear Yoda and Frank Oz (at least in voice) will be a part of the park, the new teaser truly showed off Galaxy’s Edge and what visitors can expect. And also what it will sound like with John Williams’ new music.

We know galaxies are big, but we still don’t think we’re prepared for just how massive this attraction will be. After 40 years of hearing John Williams’ score for Star Wars we are prepared for how good it will sound though.

We also got a brief look at the park via a new video announcing Coca Cola’s partnership, which will include special Star Wars-style bottles.

Far more exciting than new plastic bottle shapes though was this footage of Hondo Ohnaka’s amazing animatronic speaking.

That is a robot, right?

Nerdist got an in-person sneak peek at Galaxy’s Edge last February. From the incredible new rides –Smuggler’s Run with its full-sized Millennium Falcon and the massive, immersive Rise of the Resistance experience – to all of the food and drinks you’ll be able to order, to the massive amount of in-universe merchandise that will be available, to the app that will track your progress and make your adventure interactive, Galaxy’s Edge is truly its own, well, galaxy.

Galaxy’s Edge (with Smuggler’s Run) opens at Disneyland in California on May 31, 2019, and at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida on August 29, 2019.

Featured Image: Walt Disney

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