STAR WARS Black Series Figures Pose in Cinematic Photos

It’s simply not Star Wars Day without some awesome action figures. And this year, Hasbro is releasing several new figures in their 6″ Star Wars Black Series timed for Lucasfilm’s 50th. Several fans had the chance to pose these figures in a series of incredibly cinematic photographs, which you can view right here:

Luke Skywalker’s encounter with a Tusken Raider on Tatooine was nearly a lot worse, before old Ben Kenobi started making weird noises. This Sand person confrontation from A New Hope is captured by Papa Palpatine Photography.

Luke vs. the Tusken Raiders from A New Hope, captured by Hasbro Black Series figures.

Hasbro / Papa Palpatine Photography

Greedo is looking to collect on a bounty at the Mos Eisely cantina, with Boba Fett looming in the background. We hear it doesn’t go well for him. Photo by Swittpics

Greedo heads to the Mos Eisley Cantina...for the last time.

Hasbro / Swittpics

Is that a green Roger Rabbit fighting off a bunch of stormtroopers? Nope, that’s Jaxxon, and he’s not even a rabbit. He’s an alien Lepi, and a smuggler associate of Han Solo’s. He is one of the first new Star Wars characters created after A New Hope, appearing in the Marvel Comics series in 1977. Photo by ShootingtheGalaxy.

Jaxxon might look like a silly wabbit, but he's a deadly bounty hunter.

Hasbro / ShootingtheGalaxy

The climactic battle from the finale of The Phantom Menace sealed Qui-Gon’s fate, while also turning Darth Maul into a fan-favorite bad guy. This moment in galactic history is the basis for this photo from Force of Light Photography.

The Duel of the Fates, reenacted in action figure form.

Hasbro / Force of Light Photography 

Speaking of Darth Maul, the former Sith apprentice’s days training under Darth Sidious has an amazing photo of its own, thanks to Jax Navarro of Plastic Action. 

Lord Maul, in his early training in how to terrorize the galaxy.

Hasbro / Plastic Action

Master Windu uses the Force on some useless battle droids during the Clone Wars. We all know that when it comes to fighting massive droid armies, Mace Windu remains unmatched. Photo courtesy of Noserain.

Master Windu doesn't come to play. Just ask these battle droids.

Hasbro / Noserain

The Shore Troopers from the Imperial outpost on Scarif were no match for the Rebel sneak attack in Rogue One. Still, their armor is pretty cool looking. Especially in these toy photos from SkeletonAstronaut.

The Imperial outpost on the planet Scarif has a special regiment of Shore Troopers guarding its facilities.

Hasbro / Skeleton Astronaut

Speaking of Rogue One, the Death Troopers introduced in that film make for epic additions to the visual iconography of Star Wars. And these Troopers attacking make for a fantastic image. This one comes from EverythingKylo.

The Imperial Death Troopers live up to their name.


Hasbro’s newest Star Wars Black Series figures start shipping in the spring, and come priced at $19.99 or $24.99 each.

Featured Image: Hasbro / Noserain / ShootingtheGalaxy

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