Unseen STAR WARS: 1313 Footage Shows Boba Fett in Action

Star Wars: 1313 is one of the great unrealized projects from the galaxy far, far away that has always fascinated fans. The game was announced ten years ago at E3 2012 to great fan anticipation. And then, a few months later, Disney bought Lucasfilm. And they canceled every project in development, or put it on hold. 1313 was one such casualty. Although bits and pieces have leaked out over the years.

Now, via IGN, we’ve learned that YouTube channel The Vault has uploaded two clips from Star Wars: 1313, which show Boba Fett in pursuit of a target across the cityscape of Coruscant. Until recently, it was only rumored that Boba would appear in the game. Now, we have proof he was going to feature quite prominently. You can watch both scenes of the previously unseen gameplay right here:

1313 would have been a third-person action-adventure game, ostensibly starring a new bounty hunter character. One that players would control as he collected credits on the bustling world of Coruscant. Here’s the twist, however. Early on in the game, Boba Fett appears. He then kills the unnamed scoundrel, and players would continue on as the beloved bounty hunter. The rest of the game’s narrative featured Boba as he eventually winds up in Coruscant’s Level 1313. These were the planet’s lowest levels, where crime lords and lots of “scum and villainy” were taking place.

Unseen gameplay of Boba Fett walking through Coruscant from the unproduced game, Star Wars: 1313.
The Vault

Despite its cancellation, elements of 1313 continue on in various forms in current Star Wars projects. On Clone Wars, we saw Ahsoka Tano journey to that area more than once. And we’re currently in the midst of a Boba Fett series that deals with all kinds of criminal elements. LucasArts meant for 1313 to take place between the prequel and original trilogy timeline. And period which Lucasfilm has since explored in Rebels, Rogue One, Solo, and soon, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Andor.

Of course, 1313 was just one of several games that LucasArts developed that never saw the light of day. But for some reason, this game captured the imaginations of Star Wars fans more than most. Could a version of it emerge in the future? Probably not. But both the Boba Fett and Obi-Wan films morphed into Disney+ series. Maybe elements of 1313 emerge in a whole new game down the line. Far stranger things have happened in the galaxy far, far away.

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