Fan Edits TNG Bloopers into the Original Episodes

Everyone loves a good blooper reel. For some folks, it’s the only special feature on a Blu-ray they ever even watch. And some of the most extensive bloopers for any series can be found on the Blu-ray box sets for Star Trek: The Next Generation. The TNG cast were infamous for goofing off on set and cracking each other up constantly, and there’s ton of evidence of that in their blooper reels for each season.

Now, thanks to the folks at TrekMovie, we’ve learned about one Trekker who has taken those extremely silly moments and edited them back into their proper episode. And the results are flat out hilarious. The YouTube channel Ryan’s Edits has done five of these videos so far, which he’s named StarTrekINtakes. The first one is from the season four episode “Future Imperfect,” and finds Geordi (LeVar Burton) and Worf (Michael Dorn) bro-ing out on the bridge in ways we are not normally used to. Think a 24th century Bill and Ted.

The next video makes it look as if Lt. Worf just revealed something pretty personal about his childhood. This one’s an edit from the season three episode “Booby Trap.”

From that very same episode, Whoopi Goldberg’s Guinan gets a lot less wise and sage-like, and a lot more potty-mouthed than we are used to. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth Miss Guinan??

This next one came from late in TNG’s seventh season, from the episode “Parallels.” Jonathan Frakes going a little nuts on one of the crew decks feels totally like “high school senior year days before graduation” style tomfoolery.

The last one posted (at least so far) is from the TNG series finale “All Good Things,” and it looks like Brent Spiner ( Lt. Commander Data) was goofing off on set all the way though to the very last episode.

There are a metric ton of TNG bloopers out there, so here’s hoping that Ryan’s Edits keeps bringing up more StarTrek INtakes. Because we could all use a good laugh these days more than ever.

Featured Image: CBS

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