A SUPERNATURAL Blooper Reel Is Just What You Need Today

While the CW series Supernatural may be a high intensity roller coaster at all times, that hasn’t stopped the cast from goofing off on set these past 15 years. They pull pranks, they forget lines. This season was definitely no exception. Fans love seeing blooper reels showing behind the scenes footage from any set, but Supernatural is special. Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins, along with the rest of the cast, take it to a whole new level. The SPN family always looks forward to seeing the cast’s hijinks.

With this being their final season—Season 15(!)—the Winchester boys gave us a special surprise. They released a few of the bloopers early.  While the show has been completed through Episode 18, they halted production due to COVID-19 back in March. Since they’ve delayed filming, the show decided to give fans this little taste of another epic gag reel. The final season of the show is sure to be an epic ride from beginning to end. It’s not so much a hilarious comedy. So, it’s nice to see some laughing in the midst of saving the world business.. 

Padalecki took to Twitter on Monday with a video attached saying, “Please watch immediately. Thank you and you’re welcome.” The two minute clip, titled “Tongue Tied” features the whole gang goofing off, flubbing lines, tripping on set pieces and generally just being silly. Past blooper reels have included everything from sweet dance moves by Ackles, lots of breaking by every cast member, people hiding in shots, and not being able to keep a straight face while in some truly horrendous holiday sweaters.

Supernatural premiered in 2005 and since then, fans have followed brothers Dean and Sam Winchester as they hunt monsters and fight evil for over a decade and a half. If the teaser of the blooper reel is any indication, the full reel is sure to be an epic, hilarious finale.

Featured Image: The CW

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