We All Knew The Star Trek/Hamilton Mashup Was Pretty Much Inevitable

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By now you’ve probably seen one of the latest mashups, taking the Star Trek fandom and joining it to the voracious Hamilton fandom, which turns “My Shot” and turning it into “My Spock.” If you haven’t, never fear, I’ve got it for you right here. Don’t throw away your shot and watch it!

You’ve got to admit, this is a pretty well done fan mashup. “My Shot” is super catchy all by itself, and “My Spock” manages to keep the catchiness of the original song and infusing Star Trek into the entire thing in just the right ways. It’s almost weird how perfectly it fits, but is this really the best Star Trek musical out there on the interwebz? After all, couldn’t one of the most famous space operas out there be its very own space opera [Editor’s note: it is!]? Or at least it’s own middle school musical? Honestly, after watching this, I’m a little offended that I never had the opportunity to participate in my own Star Trek musical back in my awkward middle school theatre days. Behold the awesomeness that is Star Trek: The Middle School Musical.

Be honest. You’re a bit jealous that your high school theatre teacher made you put on a production of Annie rather than a musical version of Star Trek, aren’t you? With such a rich musical history behind one of the most iconic space operas ever, it’s not surprising how well it’s able to be blended into popular modern musicals or turned into a musical of its very own.

[Editor’s note: Back in a 2009 episode of Robot Chicken, the show featured a sketch of an operatic version of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, titled  Le Wrath di Khan, which was later preformed live by students from Indiana University.]

Did you know about the musical roots to Star Trek‘s theme song? Do you have a favorite fan-made musical based on Star Trek other than the two I posted? Tell me all about it–in song, if you choose–in the comments!

Image credit: geraldford/ Flickr.com

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