SPIDER-MAN’S Daily Bugle is Now a Real Website

SPOILERS for Spider-Man: Far From Home ahead!

One of the big surprise twists of Spider-Man: Far From Home came in the first post-credits scene, which finally brought Peter Parker’s longtime nemesis J. Jonah Jameson into modern movie continuity. The scene in question showed the loud mouth publisher of The Daily Bugle revealing Spidey’s secret identity to the world. Of course, the real delight of this scene was seeing Jameson played by  J.K. Simmons, who starred as the short-tempered publisher in the original Spider-Man trilogy. Even though he was missing his signature flat top, fans were more than fine with his updated version of Jonah, whose Daily Bugle was now an extremist conspiracy vlog.

Now, thanks to the Daily Dot, we’ve learned that in a clever marketing push for the home release of Far From Home, Sony has created a faux Daily Bugle website that fans can visit. It bears a striking resemble to certain famous conspiracy blogs that shall remain nameless, but we will say that the site’s whole aesthetic is pretty much spot on.

This new “like and subscribe” version of J. Jonah Jameson is tailor made for the “fake news” era, and the new DailyBugle.net is replete with references that are, shall we say, very relevant to the times we live in. The site even has a story on Europe’s new hero “Night Monkey,” who Far From Home viewers know to be Spidey in a new suit. Doesn’t seem the Daily Bugle has caught on to that fact though, they just see him as another masked menace.

Another hilarious aspect of the site is that it became something of a “Blip Blog,” where folks who were snapped away by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War can now share their stories. The missing five years is now officially known as “the Blip,” and it seems there were many people in the MCU who faked being blipped as part of insurance scams. And even as ways of getting out of unhappy marriages! And now the Bugle has become the place to share their sordid tales.

To check out more, be sure to head on over to TheDailyBugle.net.

Images: Sony Pictures

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