Tom Holland’s SPIDER-MAN Becomes Venom in Excellent Fan Trailer

It does not matter how good the first two movies in your superhero franchise are—there’s no guarantee the third film will live up to expectations. It happened with Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3. Tobey Maguire’s time as Peter Parker came to a screeching halt after he hit the dance floor with his moppy black hair. Even the introduction of Venom, one of the most popular comic book characters ever, was not enough to save the movie. In fact, he was its biggest problem.

But Tom Hardy and Sony (along with $856 million worldwide) proved there’s still a major market out there for fans of the infamous Symbiote. Does that mean Marvel should risk returning to the story that sunk the original Spider-Man 3 with its followup to Far from Home? The answer might seem like an obvious “no,” but you might reconsider that after watching this intense fan-made trailer that imagines what Tom Holland would look like if he wore a very different kind of black suit.

This dramatic video comes from YouTuber Billy Crammer. Using footage from Homecoming, Far from Home, Venom, and different films and television shows Tom Holland and Zendaya have starred in, along with some editing to turn Peter’s red and blue suit into an all black, Venom-appropriate look, he imagines what a hypothetical Spider-Man 3: Symbiote might look like.

What it looks like is something far darker and far more sinister than anything we have ever seen from the MCU. We’re not sure we will ever see Marvel do something like this. (Especially when it doesn’t even have the word “home” in the title. Spider-Man: Symbihome? Homebiote?) But if they did decide to go in this direction in Tom Holland’s next standalone film, we’d definitely be into it. We want to see a great Spider-Man AND Venom movie!

Maybe just don’t have any dance scenes in the next Spider-Man 3.

Featured Image: Marvel/Sony/Billy Crammer

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