Spider-Man on a Streetlight Makes a Marvelous Desk Lamp

One of the most recurring images in Marvel Comics history is that of Spider-Man climbing up the side of a building, and swinging in between skyscrapers. But right up there with those iconic comic book panels is another common image: the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler hanging upside down from a New York City lamppost. (Usually while he’s making some jokes at a random criminal’s expense.) It’s vintage Peter Parker, Stan Lee– and Steve Ditko-style.

Spidey Hanging on a Streetlight Makes a Marvelous Desk Lamp_1


Thanks to Geeks Are Sexy, we’ve discovered that you can now relive that iconic Marvel image every single day, thanks to this new Spider-Man LED desk lamp from Toynk.com. You can read the official description for this truly marvelous desk lamp down below:

“Hang out with your friendly neighborhood superhero with this officially licensed Marvel Spider Man Streetlight Desk Lamp. Recreating a classic Marvel scene, this fandom-themed desk lamp features an elegant design with a touch of whimsy. Fashioned after a streetlamp with a cobbled-style base, this collectible mood light shines down on a sculpted Spider Man figure dangling upside down in one of his famous poses.”

Spidey Hanging on a Streetlight Makes a Marvelous Desk Lamp_2


This desk lamp measures 16 inches tall; this high quality mood light is USB-powered with an in-line on/off switch so the owner can enjoy easy access. Using an energy-efficient LED lightbulb, this Spider-Man Streetlight Desk Lamp casts a warm glow on your personal space. Just be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a Green Goblin here, and a Scorpion there. They are always lurking about. But then, I guess that’s what your Spider-sense is for.

The Amazing Spider-Man desk lamp will set you back $55.99. If that’s in your price range, it should make for a perfect holiday gift, either for your own Aunt May one of your “ Amazing Friends.” (Or even just for yourself.) You can head on over to Toynk.com to get yours now.

Featured Image: Toynk.com

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