What Will Orci’s Mystery SPIDER-MAN Spin-off Be?

Sony is continuing to expand their mini-Marvel universe on film, and the studio has announced another as-yet-untitled Spider-Man spin-off film. According to the folks at The Wrap, this one is coming to us via screenwriter Roberto Orci, who was one of the many credited screenwriters for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Other works of note have included the J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek movies and the first two Transformers films, as well as television shows like Fringe.

As of yet, we’re unsure exactly what corner of the Spider-Verse Orci will mine for this new venture. All we really know is that, per The Wrap, this movie comes from “a different corner of the Marvel universe that Sony has access to.” Still, we’ve got theories! Let’s take a look at the options.

A close up of Spider-Woman, clad in mask and supersuit.

Marvel Comics

Traction has met with rumors that Sony is looking to move forward on a Spider-Woman film, probably starring the Jessica Drew version of the character. Now, despite the word “Spider” being part of her name, Jessica Drew is barely related to Spider-Man at all. She’s technically not a spin-off hero, and the two characters don’t traditionally interact all that much outside of the Avengers.

Even if her origins and costume set her very much apart from Peter Parker’s world, Sony does have the rights to the character. So this fits with the idea that Orci’s Spider-Man universe film is “from another part of the universe.” (My only doubts about Spider-Woman being Orci’s movie is that Sony may want to hire a woman screenwriter for this project.)

Masked and caped Nightwatch soars through the city skyline.

Marvel Comics

Remember Nightwatch? Okay, admit it; you probably don’t. This minor hero, who first appeared in an issue of Web of Spider-Man in the ’90s, was slated for his own film a couple years back. Using a tech suit given to him by a version of himself from the future (it’s complicated), Nightwatch was very visually influenced by Image Comics’ Spawn. Ultimately, the character had a short shelf life. But that didn’t stop Sony from attempting to develop a film around him anyway, which Spike Lee was attached to direct for a hot minute in 2018.

Kraven the Hunter
Kraven the Hunter wears a necklace of teeth and sits on a thorny throne.

Marvel Comics

This is another Spidey spin-off that was revealed as being in development some time ago, with a script having been announced back in 2018. The big game hunter who hunts Spidey as if he were the ultimate trophy has been around since the ’60s, and is one of Peter Parker’s most famous rogues. In fact, his previous film script was said to center on the Amazing Spider-Man story “Kraven’s Last Hunt.” But can Kraven really be described as being tangential to Spider-Man? Even if Spidey didn’t show up in his movie, there is no way to describe the character as anything but a huge part of the character’s lore, much like Venom is.

The Sinister Six
Another Mystery SPIDER-MAN Spin-off in Development_4

Marvel Comics

Clearly, Sony is gearing up for another shot at the Sinister Six. A few years back, they initiated a version from Cabin in the Wood’s Drew Goddard. But that version was meant to spin out of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and we all know how they ultimately went. Could Sony be tapping Orci to give this one another try? The report suggests that this movie comes from “a different corner of the Marvel universe,” which might make this one a stretch, given that Michael Keaton’s Vulture is already closely tied to Spider-Man. Still, anything is possible. Maybe Orci is the creator who will finally unlock this villain team for the big screen.

Featured Image: Marvel Comics

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