SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Early Reactions Are Strong

The early reactions to the very first screening of Spider-Man: Far From Home have arrived, and if you thought this is the one where Marvel Studios fumbles the ball…it seems you are going to have to be waiting just a little bit longer. Far From Home has the unenviable task of following up Tom Holland’s amazing performances in Homecoming and Infinity War, not to mention being the next movie after Into the Spider-Verse. But according to most of these earliest of reactions, they somehow pulled it off! Read on for all these glowing first impressions.

And finally, the closest thing we’ve seen to a “bad” review. Which isn’t really so bad.

And, sadly, the internet’s greatest early screening critic couldn’t join the discussion.

Ok, we’re officially way excited now. July 4th weekend can’t get here fast enough, True Believers!

Images: Sony Pictures / Marvel Studios

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