SPIDER-MAN Hand Sanitizer Shooters Blast Away Bacteria

“Crazy awesome invention” creator Jake Laser has made Spider-Man web shooters that blast out hand sanitizer and they’re brilliant. Laser, who’s built numerous IRL prototypes mimicking Spidey’s signature ability, shows off the “web shooter sanitizers” in the video below. And while they’re a bit impractical, they work well enough to prove that Laser is somewhat of a scientist himself.

@jlaservideoYall were asking for it so here ya go. Covid19 web shooter sanitizers # ##spiderman ##webshooter ##coronavirus ##covid19 ##handsanitizer ##mcu ##3dprinting ♬ falling – pastaboof

Boing Boing picked up on Laser’s apropos sanitizer shooters, which the inventor posted to his TikTok page. Apparently Laser’s audience had requested he make the bacteria-destroying shooters in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Toward the beginning of the video, Laser shows how he made the sanitizer shooters from lighters and a 3D-printed cartridge holder. He then shows off how the sanitizers—that include secondary hand-soap cartridges—work to disinfect doorknobs and the like. Somewhat incidentally, the click-action of the 3D-printed cartridge holders, as well as the compressed-air-like hiss they produce, are both quite satisfying.

As mentioned, Laser has made many other variations on Spidey’s web shooters. And while they’re all fun and well-crafted, some really stand out. Like Laser’s Venom blasters in the video immediately below, which spew goo that makes everything gross.

For anyone who loves the idea of being able to shoot things from their wrists, Laser does have his 3D-printed cartridge shooter/holders available in his shop. However, they’re currently sold out, just like many hand sanitizers. And Clorox wipes. It makes one wonder: Can this young inventor try his hand at some kind of Captain America shield that blocks droplets? It could come in handy for those who can’t find an on-the-go way to clean their mitts.

What do you think about Jake Laser’s Spider-Man hand sanitizer-shooters? Would you rock these wrist gadgets if you could get a hold of them? Let’s talk high-velocity hygiene in the comments, people!

Feature image: JLaservideo

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