Engineer Builds Working Captain America Arc Reactor Shield

Canadian YouTuber the Hacksmith has created a Captain America shield with an inbuilt “Arc Reactor” for his latest project. And while the shield doesn’t actually contain a fusion-type power source made from some New Element, it does shoot lasers. The shield can also, apparently, mercilessly smash through every object in its way.

For those unfamiliar, the Hacksmith is an engineer and YouTuber who’s created countless other gadgets inspired by pop culture properties. The engineer and his team have, for example, previously built a Kingsman umbrella, Batman’s grappling gun, and even a legitimately dangerous lightsaber.

In the video, the Hacksmith—a.k.a. James Hobson—goes through the build process, showing how he began with an elegant CAD design. Unfortunately, however, it turns out that powering a 100-watt laser takes a power supply that requires a lot of cooling. Which means this Captain America shield requires an external power pack when it’s being used to shoot lasers.

Despite that downside, the shield still delivers enough laser power to pop balloons, and even light stuff on fire—not to mention it looks cool AF when glowing blue. It’s also shockingly effective at smashing through concrete, wood, glass, and walls.

As far as the inspiration for the shield, it’s used by Civil Warrior, who only exists in the melee combat video game, Marvel Contest of Champions. According to his background, Civil Warrior is Captain America from an alternate Earth ravaged by the Civil War between his own army and Iron Man’s forces. Which sounds like a universe that’s still more appealing than this one in the year 2020.

What do you think about this Captain America shield with an inbuilt Arc Reactor? Are you blown away by how sturdy and blindingly effective this shield is, or are you still bothered by that external battery pack? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Feature image: the Hacksmith 

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