SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Footage Shows Off New Gadgets

It might feel like Avengers: Endgame just came to theaters a few days ago, but the Marvel machine stops for no superhero. The next film in the franchise, Spider-Man: Far from Home, slings into theaters on July 2. And with the MCU ready to claim another worldwide box office smash, promos for the movie are flooding airwaves around the world, including international teasers that offer up new footage of Peter Parker’s European vacation and how he could really become the next Iron Man.

The YouTube channel Furious Trailer put together this video featuring all of the newest ads for Far from Home, including all of the ones that, well, aired far from home. They feature clips that show Peter utilizing Tony’s tech; he gets a new suit from the Stark plane Happy uses to get around, enjoys augmented reality upgrades, and dons a pair of glasses the NSA would really love to get their privacy-invading hands on.

There are also lots of scenes showing what the characters themselves will be up to. We see Mysterio giving Peter some good advice about superhero responsibilities, the massive threat the Elementals pose, and Ned find out that MJ is also in on Peter’s big secret.

It’s impossible for us to trust that Mysterio is what he says he is, but that doesn’t make his talks with Peter any less true or any less moving. If there’s one thing we can gather from all of the trailers and ads for Far from Home, it’s that the movie won’t lack for action or comedy, but it will be rooted in Peter having to face life without his mentor and friend, even if he still has access to Tony’s tech.

No matter the language, with great power comes great responsibility even when you are grieving.

Featured Image: Marvel

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