Spider-Ham Gets His Own Theme Song!

When Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse slings into theaters later this month, some fans will be most excited to have Miles Morales on the big screen, while others will be freaking out over seeing Gwen Stacy finally get to shine. Some will be smiling ear to ear when Peni Parker pops up, and we really can’t wait to hear Nicolas Cage voice a very serious version of the masked superhero, Noir Spider-Man. But everyone can agree on one thing before we even see the film – we are all in on Spider-Ham, the talking pig with super spider powers voiced by one of our favorite comedians. And now we’re getting even more of a taste of the strangest superhero in the Spider-Verse with his own theme song.

Entertainment Weekly has an all new look at Spider-Ham, the John Mulaney-voiced anthropomorphic pig named Peter Porker, who proves the Spider-Verse really is even more bizarre than many fans would even guess. We’ve been salivating at the chance to see him on screen since he first popped up in a trailer. It will be his first screen appearance after he was introduced in the comics three decades ago. (Seriously, Spider-Ham has a long history you can read about here.)This introduction video is another tasty appetizer for what we can expect from him in the movie. He gets his own version of the classic Spider-Man theme song, which acknowledges just how weird his presence really is, even in a movie that features Nic Cage playing a noir version of Spider-Man. (Homer Simpson’s “Spider-Pig” theme song has been stuck in our head forever, so we’re more than happy to update it with those lyrics.)And now of course, even before we see Into the Spider-Verse, we already have one very important question cooking up: when will Spider-Ham get his own spin-off?

Featured Image: Sony

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