Solo Tabletop Games to Play When You’re Tired of People

We all have moments when we’ve simply had enough of peopleMaybe you had a long day at work or just got back from a particularly loud outing with the family. No matter the reason, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a little time to yourself. But five minutes into your quiet retreat, you’ll probably find yourself wondering, “Now what?” That’s the best time to break out a solo tabletop game that you can escape into—alone.

Forget Solitaire. We’re talking mystery, murder, monsters, and minotaurs to take on all by yourself. We have five picks to get you started on your adventures while you recharge during “me” time.

Field Guide to Memory
Field Guide To Memory game components including an antler, illustrations, teeth, and more

Jeeyon Shim and Shing Yin Khor

Many solo tabletop games employ quiet journaling and creative bouts of imagination as gameplay mechanics. Field Guide to Memory easily stands out as one of the best in this category as a keepsake game. The brilliant connected path game from Jeeyon Shim and Shing Yin Khor explores the life of the fictional Dr. Elizabeth Lee. You’ll stretch your imagination to create dreams, draw cryptids, collect real artifacts, and more. When you’re done, you’ll have a unique book chronicling your journey through the story.

Field Guide to Memory comes with writing prompts and accompanying short fiction in one digital download.

Hunt a Killer: Murder at the Motel
Murder at the Motel from Hunt a Killer featuring a notebook and clues

Kelly Knox

You probably already know all about Hunt A Killer and their incredibly immersive mystery subscription boxes. But did you know they also offer detective experiences packed into a single box? Murder At The Motel is their most recent murder-in-a-box that you’ll find only at Target and

The non-linear experience begins however you want it to. Simply open the box and dive into letters, evidence, and a tantalizing locked box to start unraveling the mystery. Murder At The Motel is the story of the fictional Sunset Motel and the grisly fate of its handyman. As you go deeper, the details begin to form the big picture, and you’ll find yourself completely engrossed in an investigation that feels very real. If you’ve never tried to solve a mystery on your own before, Murder At The Motel is a fantastic way to start your detective career. (Sorry, Mr. Handyman.)

Into the Dungeon
Into the Dungeon game package by Hari Conner

Simon and Schuster

Remember Choose Your Own Adventure? Into the Dungeon blends the branching path concept beautifully with a good ol’ fashioned dungeon crawl. All you need is a pencil to begin your adventure.

Creator Hari Conner crafted a story in the crumbling ruins of a gorgeously illustrated castle that feels like all of your favorite sessions of D&D. Choose your character or roll your own. Then embark on your fraught-filled journey into the dungeon where you’ll find treasure—or your doom!

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective key art

Space Cowboys

Ready to take your detective career to the next level? Step into the world of Sherlock Holmes! Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective is a classic tabletop game that will put your deduction skills to the test. There are several installments in the iconic mystery series. Pore through notebooks and maps of the London streets to chase down leads and crack a case worthy of Holmes.

While designed to be cooperative for a team of detectives, a solo player will find a worthy challenge in every case. The most recent entry in the series, Irregulars of Baker Street, is a standalone game with a playable demo to test your sleuthing skills before you buy.

Solve Our Shirts
Solve Our Shirts is an entire escape room on a T-shirt.

CU Adventures

This isn’t a t-shirt from an escape room; the t-shirt is an escape room! Read that sentence more than once? We don’t blame you. An entire escape room and puzzle experience on just a t-shirt sounds unbelievable, but CU Adventures has done it with Solve Our Shirts.

While this isn’t your typical tabletop game, we think you’ll love the experience just as much. Suss out the hidden clues in the details of the two-sided shirt as you escape from the minotaur’s maze. The deluxe edition comes with additional puzzles and clues to complete the experience.

Starting to feel lonely? Almost all of these solo tabletop games can also be played cooperatively for extra brainpower. No matter how you play, adventure is waiting for you!

Featured Photo: Kelly Knox

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