An SNL ‘Every Chad Ever’ Video Featuring Pete Davidson’s ‘OK’ Character

We’re used to Saturday Night Live dropping hand-selected clips from its TV broadcast on its YouTube channel every now and then, although anything longer than a single sketch is relatively rare. Which is why we’re excited—no wait, psyched—to see that NBC’s legendary late-night variety show has just dropped a two-part compilation of every one of Pete Davidson’s “Chad” sketches. And even if the “Chad” character really isn’t your jam, we promise you’ll think this compilation is OK.

For those unfamiliar with Chad, he’s a popular character Davidson has played in numerous episodes, known for being more or less a complete, well, Chad. According to Wikipedia, Chad is “an apathetic teenager with limited conversational skills,” as well as “the heartbreaker of several people decades older than him….” He doesn’t care about the “grand declarations of love” according to the Chad wiki, but maybe he just has own Chad-ish way of experiencing romance.

There are more than 25 minutes of Chad sketch all rolled into the two videos, with famous Chad sketches, such as the spoof of scary movie, Scream, passing the test of time without a whiff of being stilted. Speaking of whiff, try to count how many “safety” jokes are in the sketches. And then multiply by 100 to find the number of “OK” jokes.

Obviously we don’t know when we’ll get more Chad love from SNL, but putting out compilations of individual characters’ sketches should definitely happen more often on the show’s YouTube channel. There’s no way IRL Chads are watching anything but random YouTube videos anyway.

What do you think of this Chad character compilation? And which character would you like SNL to make a compilation of next? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Saturday Night Live 

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