Jason Momoa Returns as GAME OF THRONES’ Khal Drogo on SNL

We know Jason Momoa mainly as Aquaman today, so it’s easy to sometimes forget that he was one of the more surprising early deaths on Game of Thrones, having been established as leader of the powerful, horse-obsessed Dothraki, and the arranged husband to then-future Mother of Dragons Daenerys.Many more have died in and around Westeros since, and Saturday Night Live last night imagined a TV show set in the Dothraki afterlife called Khal Drogo’s Ghost Dojo, where more than a few ex-corpses might stop by. Watching TV in real life isn’t something a Khal would dignify, but after death, when you have eternity? Plausible enough for comedy. And it seems Momoa hasn’t forgotten the language, though for convenience’s sake Drogo has learned a few English words in the netherworld.

While Kate McKinnon’s Joffrey is a hoot, perhaps the biggest takeaway here is the ad for little beard twisties. Where can we get those? They seem way cooler than man buns. And even when we’re dead, it seems recap after-shows will forever be a thing.Pete Davidson as Jonathan Pryce’s High Sparrow, however, is something we’d never have expected, ever. Kudos to him for an attempt that actually turned out a passable accent, though the molten gold gag really was the point.The real Game of Thrones returns this April, but unless he’s somehow been a secret Wight for a long, long time, don’t expect Khal Drogo to make a big comeback there. Besides, his ex has soooo moved on.

Image: NBC

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