Disney+’s SKETCHBOOK Showcases the Art Behind Beloved Characters

From the page to the big screen, we never tire of seeing Disney artwork come to life. Disney artists are responsible for the animated characters that shape our youths—and continue to stun as we grow. And in a new Disney+ series from Walt Disney Animation, we can see how our favorite characters came to life. Starting with a simple, stunning sketch. In Sketchbook, we’ll learn the process of sketching six iconic Disney characters. And they range from our newest heroine, Encanto’s Mirabel, to a storied villain first drawn several decades ago in Peter Pan‘s Captain Hook. And unsurprisingly, the Sketchbook trailer is incredibly sweet.

The incredibly-moving trailer gives us just a glimpse of how much care the artists put into their life’s work at Walt Disney Animation. Sketchbook is a collaboration between Walt Disney Animation Studios and Supper Club. (The studio that produced the beloved series Chef’s Table.)

Story Artist Gabby Capili draws Kuzco in Sketchbook for Disney+
Disney/Richard Harbaugh
Learn How to Draw Disney Characters With Sketchbook

Here’s the synopsis from Disney:

An intimate instructional documentary series, Sketchbook with Walt Disney Animation Studios takes us onto the desks and into the lives of talented artists and animators as they teach us how to draw a single iconic character from a Walt Disney Animation Studios film. Each episode focuses on a single artist illustrating a character that either they helped create or inspired them to want to be an artist at the Studio. As we learn the steps to drawing these characters, we also discover that the artists each have a unique story to tell about how they made their way to Disney and their chosen character. From the creators of Chef’s Table, this exclusive experience will give viewers of all ages a new understanding of how these beloved characters come to life on-screen while introducing them to a new cast of real-life characters along the way.

In the six-episode series, viewers watch different Disney animators and artists each draw a character. They each chose one that means a lot to them or one they actually created. Including Eric Goldberg, who created Genie. (Yep, that Genie.)

The poster for Disney+ series Sketchbook

Here’s the breakdown of the artists and their characters, from Disney+:

Emperor’s New Groove “Kuzco”

Gabby Capili’s path to Disney Animation began at a young age when she saw her first Disney film in a theater with her father, The Emperor’s New Groove. As Gabby teaches us how to draw her favorite character from the film, “Kuzco,” she also shares the importance of following your instincts and being free to let life guide you where you belong.

Frozen “Olaf”

While teaching us to draw one of Disney Animation’s most beloved characters, Frozen‘s “Olaf”, Hyun Min Lee shares the joyful wonder of the character and how she channeled personal loss into being a guiding light in her career in animation.

Aladdin “The Genie”

Legendary Disney animator Eric Goldberg guides us through the steps of drawing his most iconic character creation, “The Genie” from Aladdin. As he does, he shares the levels to which Robin Williams impacted the character and its animation.

Eric Goldberg revisits Genie in Disney Sketchbook
Disney/Richard Harbaugh
Peter Pan “Captain Hook”

Growing up in South Korea, Disney animator and character designer Jin Kim was fascinated by the villains of Disney’s films. As Jin teaches us to draw Peter Pan’s “Captain Hook,” we learn that his journey to America. Kim also shares how working at Disney almost didn’t happen because of his colorblindness.

Encanto “Mirabel”

Disney Animation story artist Samantha Vilfort teaches us how to draw one of the Studio’s newest characters, “Mirabel Madrigal.” Mirabel, of course, comes from the award-winning hit film Encanto. Through Vilfort’s story, we learn that Mirabel’s struggle of being different from everyone else in her family hits close to home.

The Lion King “Simba”

Storied Disney animator Mark Henn teaches us how to draw one of his favorite character designs, “Young Simba” from The Lion King. Through Mark’s story, we learn the importance of never giving up on your dreams, even in the face of rejection.

 So run to the store and grab that sketchpad and pencil now. It’s almost time to draw. Sketchbook debuts on Disney+ on April 27.

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