New Life-Size Bust of Skeletor Is Worthy of Castle Grayskull

Masters of the Universe was one of the greatest toy lines of the ’80s, accompanied by a truly classic cartoon. And easily one of the coolest things about the He-Man universe was his arch-villain Skeletor. And now the folks at Sideshow Collectibles, Tweeterhead, and Mattel Toys have released images of one of the coolest Skeletor products ever made, with their new life-size bust of the Lord of Snake Mountain.

Eternia's most dangerous villain, Skeletor, comes alive in this new life size bust form Sideshow Collectibles.

Sideshow Toys / Tweeterhead / Mattel 

You can read the official description, as well see images for this menacing bust, right here:

“Skeletor is the iconic supervillain from Masters of the Universe, serving as the archenemy of his nephew He-Man. Skeletor is determined to gain the powers of Castle Grayskull and rule the universe. At an impressive 28 inches tall, Skeletor’s sculpt is one of menacing perfection as the iconic supervillain. Skeletor’s stats are as follows: Height: 28″ (711.2 mm), Width: 30.5″ (774.7 mm), and Depth: 17″ (431.8 mm).”

Skeletor also comes with a retractable hood, so you can display him in two different ways.

The bust of He-Man's arch foe has a removable cape.

Sideshow Toys / Tweeterhead / Mattel

Masters of the Universe‘s original toy line and animated show only lasts about five years. Yet it remains beloved by the generation of kids who grew up with it. And why wouldn’t we still love it? It’s as if someone took Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Conan the Barbarian and put them all into a blender. Although the animated incarnation of Skeletor leans towards the goofy, the version of him in the Masters of the Universe mini-comics packaged with the toys was genuinely creepy as hell. And the Sideshow bust seems to reflect that version of Skeletor a whole lot more.

Sideshow Toys' Skeletor bust has a removable hood.

Sideshow Toys / Tweeterhead / Mattel

Sideshow’s Skeletor life-size bust has a retail price of $1,000. You can see more images and pre-order it by clicking here. Shipping commences from October to December of 2021.

Featured Image: Sideshow Toys / Tweeterhead / Mattel

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